... also titled things that make you want to bang your head against a wall:
From: "www.iHateSpam.us" <synergy@lists.2np.net>
Subject: Finally. Eliminate Annoying Spam!

Annoyed with all the spam you get in your inbox? Angry about losing time deleting all that junk email? Want to eliminate this irritating stuff?

We thought so! Here is your way to get control over that ever increasing flood of annoying and time-wasting email - at home or at work - with iHateSpam Version 3.0. It takes 1 minute to install (no technical mumbo-jumbo or passwords to input) and is super easy to use. iHateSpam really will dramatically reduce your spam --guaranteed-- and give you more time for better things!
Sure, I'll buy it. Will it keep your company from sending me any more Spam email? Probably not so I will just delete this.