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Thread: Optician for solo ophthalmologist, Lake Placid, FL

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    Optician for solo ophthalmologist, Lake Placid, FL

    We need a full/ part time optician who is experienced and customer oriented to help run a newly opened optical shop within an ophthalmology practice. Please send a resume and salary requirements- do you have any friends in the field who are semi-retired- this is a lovely area- clean. low crime, quiet, outstanding fishing and water recreation, etc.
    Gary Pearce MD

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    OMG! This might be your luckiest of lucky days! My mom in law lives in Sebring, Fl. and has been driving to Lake Placid for her glasses for ages. Although I'm an optician, she buys all of her glasses in Lake Placid, saying, "My optician is an angel!" Her optician runs a small shop there with her husband. All mom's friends from her card club at church go to there, and they say this gal really has a special flare for what she does.

    Here's the cool part: Mom called last night, and from what she said, this optician gal must really be some kind of angel! I guess she closed her office, and retired, but got so many calls from clients, that she's been doing home visits for many of the folks in the area. Besides charging only a fraction of what she used to charge, she often gives them away to those in need, which from the way mom talks must be most of them. Mom called her to get an appointment to get some new sunglasses, but this optician said that she's booked all the way into the middle of October, and she's working 6 days a week. I'm not sure what kind of "retirement" that is, but this lady really sounds special.

    Anyway, if you're looking to hire someone, I think her name is Theresa, Terry, or something like that. It would be awesome if she could be persuaded to work for you. She sounds like the sort of person that could really help to build a practice, and she's already got a following.

    I'd apply for the job myself, but my husband is more of a coastal kind of guy, and Florida is too far away from the grand babies!

    Best of luck in your search. If you send me a PM, I can get more details from my mom.

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    I am a Florida Licensed Optician since 1993. I am looking to open an optical dispensary, or works in an Ophthalmologist office in Broward county Florida. I have all the optical equipments necessary to open and operate it. I will take care of all the expenses to open it, and operate it as well. All I need is the space. I am willing to work something out either pay rent or something else that will benefit all the parties. If you know anyone that is interested in my aria please reply back.

    Thank you.

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