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Thread: Help from fellow german members

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    Help from fellow german members

    Good Morning ,
    To All Optiboard Members

    Dear Members,

    Iam working as optometrist in Dubai. Last year we had dispensed Porsche Design frame to one of our client who is from Germany. Few days back by unfortunate turn of events the Left Temple is broken and he wanted a replacement. If i have to arrange it from here it will take minimum of 45 days. So i would like to request to our members if there is anybody in Germany who can help me and our client by ordering and delivering it in Germany itself. The client is willing to pay whatever the charges that might incur. In fact we had quoted @ US 125 $ including the courier charges.

    Kindly let me know on my e mail id : so that i can forward all the relevant details.

    Thank You,


    Ketan Karande
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    gosh that just doesn't make sense. If the part is in stock, they should be able to get it there in 4 or 5 days. For a fee of course. Max shipping $90ish. Last time I shipped to the other side of the world I used a company called Nex I believe & they charged me $45ish. (FYI Nex had Dhl pick up the package but for some reason it was half the price!)

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