[bc]Optical Software Holds Annual 2002 OMICS User Seminar[/bc]
Attendees get free remote trace & order software and make decisions on new enhancements

"…seeing equipment demonstrations came at a great time for me, as our lab will be making additional equipment purchases in the very near future." Sherry Pugh, Vice President Optical Prescription Lab, Optical Supply Co-op

June 20, 2002

Milwaukee, WI., - Optical Software recently held its Annual 2002 OMICS User Seminar at the Wyndham Center Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. The event welcomed OMICS Software Users from North America with participation from over 19 laboratories, 50 attendees, and 3 leading industry manufacturers including LOH Optical Machinery Inc., AIT Industries and Walach Industries.

Robin Hopper, President, Optical Software remarked on the overall success of the seminar, "I was extremely pleased with the turnout. Their (attendees) questions and overall participation in the various sessions was very productive and gave us good feedback which will help us in the further development of our products and services."

The 2-day seminar was designed to inform, motivate and educate OMICS Users with new product information, educational topics, special guest presentations and networking at its best. "We wanted to introduce our User's to advancements in the industry and Optical Software that specifically target their needs now and in the future." Says Jodi Nickerson, Vice President of Sales for Optical Software. "Our Direct-Lab software, the new Windows based remote trace and order software, will keep our users on the cutting edge of technology and help them provide superior customer service." adds Nickerson. The seminar included a presentation of the Direct-Lab software and a free copy was given to each company in attendance. Mark Dehn of AIT Industries participated in the Direct-Lab presentation by demonstrating the Teleform Frame Tracer. The Teleform Tracer is a premium frame tracer for the wholesale production lab and remote tracing market. Optical Software also presented an overview of the latest released version of OMICS, Version 5.2, newly enhanced OMICS Inventory Control features, new OMICS Job Tracking with Job Flow Control features, and the latest advancements in Staff Training Programs. “The User seminar was beneficial for us to learn about the new Direct-Lab software and the benefits of using remote tracing software. Plus learning about the new job tracking and inventory features will greatly help our lab as a whole in the long run.” says Stephanie Bryant, Southwest Lens Corp.

Attendees received a whole lot more with a private on-site tour of LOH's North American facility. John Fried and Kurt Atchison of LOH Optical Machinery Inc. took all attendees on an exclusive tour complete with live product demonstrations and a presentation of their company and services. Added benefits included a special session from Michael Walach of Walach Industries. Mr. Walach gave an educational session on High Index Precision Tooling for Rx Labs. "We field a lot of questions about precision tooling, says Jodi Nickerson, we wanted to help our User's understand what this issue means to them and how to address it in their labs."

"I would never miss an OMICS User Seminar. In fact, their User Seminar played a big part in my decision to use OMICS in our lab. You can always count on learning something new about the system, not only from their presentations, but from networking with the actual users, as well. I especially enjoyed this year's seminar in Milwaukee. The additional day gave us more time to see detailed presentations on system enhancements and new products, such as Direct Lab. Having LOH participate in the seminar was an added treat. Touring their facility, and seeing equipment demonstrations came at a great time for me, as our lab will be making additional equipment purchases in the very near future. I look forward to Optical Software continuing their OMICS User Seminar using this or a similar format in the future." Sherry Pugh, Vice President Optical Prescription Lab, Optical Supply Co-op, said after attending the Omics User Seminar.

The seminar was concluded with the very popular User round table session. "We need feed back from our Users in order to grow with our accounts and continue to provide them with the services they need, says Robin Hopper." This session provides the User with a means to present software enhancement requests and discuss the benefit of each request with the group. "We have our top programmers on-site to assess feasibility of requests, adds Hopper”. The attendees then vote on the top issues discussed. Optical Software immediately schedules to include the top 5 requests in coming releases.

Optical Software is a leading software provider for the eye care industry with comprehensive management solutions for surfacing laboratories, finishing laboratories, remote tracing and ordering, interfaces with retail applications, and custom designed systems. Our flagship product is OMICS, a wholesale lab management solution that encompasses all aspects of the wholesale production process. For more information on our products and services please contact Jodi Nickerson, Vice President Sales, 2633 Randleman Rd. Greensboro, NC 27406 Phone: 336-274-4427 - Fax: 336-274-4610
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