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    Optronics 2G...

    Hey all, first thread start. I am a Lab Manager and just found out I'm getting my SGX Generator switched out with the Optronics 2G. Yay! Not. I've used this machine many times before and have found it to cut painfully slow. I could run a set of lenses on the SGX in a few minutes. Now I'm sure it's going to be double. Which is going to be even worse since we are getting an A/R machine very soon also.

    Anyways, enough complaining and to the point. Does anyone know a way to speed up the cycle time on the 2G? The only thing I've seemed to find is adjusting the feed speed. But, from personal experience and from everything I heard from others who have had one is issues with deblocking or inconsistent cuts. I've looked in multiple places and have come up with nothing. So, does anyone have any ideas? Appreciate any help!


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    Welcome to Optiboard! You'll learn a lot here, but unfortunately, when it comes to surfacing, you won't learn it from me!

    Good luck!
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    Change your speed and surface quality settings to match the materials. The surface quality settings have to do with how closely the blade cuts each groove. Farther apart is faster, but harder to fine. It will be slower than the sgx. Hate it for ya.

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    When I used a 2g we averaged 3-5 minutes per poly lens depending on the Rx, with the average closer to 5 minutes.

    If we had more than 6 or 8 jobs an hour we would get pretty backed up :-(

    I find the SGX is much faster but I liked the quality of the 2g cut better. While I don't remember the exact setting we used to speed the 2g up, there were a few tweaks we did that knocked of a little of the time.

    Good Luck ! billmdee

    P.S. PM me if you need more help, I might have A/R info that could help too :-)

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    Help for start up my lab in mexico (2g vs sgx)

    Please I need info. about which generator to get. I can get the optronics 2G or thr SGX...?. I have never work with labs. I am just about to start with my own production in Mexico.... I will do at the biggining about 30 - 50 pear a day. Thanks a lot for all tips you can give me (cylinder machnes, software, where to get used equipment, what would be a good edger..., etc). I REALLY APPRECIATE THE HELP !

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    I know this is an old thread, but i have come across a Optronics 2G would like to know what software runs on it, i have one that just the dos prompts, and stalls nothing on the screen of the optronics, could it be the motherboard, or software, or does it boot on its own. I need some help in getting it running again, as I said it boot to caldera dos then sit on a dos prompt, and nothing on the 6 x 6 lcd screen possible it is shot. the lcd screen. anyway to bypass that screen?

    thanks for any advice.

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