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Thread: No Hoya laser/graving mark on Hoya lenses?

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    Big Smile No Hoya laser/graving mark on Hoya lenses?

    Hi everyone,

    We have been using Hoya lenses-ID lifestyle/Instyle/Mystyle for about one year. We have good result with Hoya lenses so far. Everytimes we got any progressive lenses back from the lab, we always check the laser/graving mark on the lenses. All the lenses from other labs (Shamir or Seiko or Zeiss) have showed the laser/graving mark on their lenses except Hoya lenses. They have only 2 little circle on the nasal and temple side of the lenses. They did not match to any ID family lenses list on the progressive indentifier (edition 2010).

    My questions:
    1. Is any one out there check the laser/graving mark on the progressive lenses?
    2. Should we ask the lab?

    Please share your inputs. Thanks much.

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    Ask your lab sales rep. If he/she cannot provide the information ask for their contact at the manufacturer or their rep. Don't be shy, if they want your business, and they do!, they will provide the answers to your questions.

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    Due to the interruption in HOYA's production of ID due to what happened in Thailand, not all of the lenses they are sending out right now have the updated laser engravings. I noticed this on a pair I dispensed a few weeks ago. Called the lab and they assured me they were still Lifestyle's just that they didn't have the updated markings.

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    I think at the moment there are very few labs NOT producing Hoya lenses (at least here in Europe). Even many labs owned by their biggest competitors are producing for them. No wonder, if some do not have the correct engravings.

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