I am surprised that no one has commented yet on the recent Environmental "Flip-Flop" that our President has apparently made. I'm pretty certain I am opening myself up here to be bashed by my good friend Pete, But I would like to publicly declare that I support The President in this move. Besides the fact that He has successfully alienated that formerly fat loudmouth talk show guy whos on from noon to 3 everyday, I feel that the issue of Global Warming needs more attention than it has gotten. I do not consider myself a tree hugger and I am not fully convinced that Humans are entirely responsible but something is deffinately up. And let me also add, in case I havent yet successfully aroused Petes mental facultys yet. that EVERY time I see one of those big SUV truck thingys on the road, that I am sickened by the complete waste they are. There is only ever one person in this monstrous gas guzzler and no cargo to boot. People are using these to go back and forth to work, not haul kids and luggage. This is like gorging oneself I think. So there!