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    North Carolina

    If God was not a Tar Heel then why is the sky Carolina blue! Hey guys... I've been everyplace you can go in this beautiful country we call America. In enjoyed my time on the left coast and in the desert of Arizona and Nevada. I am an honory New Yorker (official) and loved teaching there. I enjoy my time in Florida and New England. The Heartland is great! But there is one place that is always the best; there's no place like home!

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    I was always told TEXAS was God's country


    My hubby is a cajun boy raised in North Carolina. His family still lives in Winston-Salem. We try to visit every year. It is pretty country. But I guess I'm a little bit partial to the Lone Star State. Here we like our guns and our big gas guzzling vehichles, and there aren't to many folks gutsy enough to try to take either of them away from us.

    Carol D

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