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Thread: Colleges to dismantle refracting programs

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    Colleges to dismantle refracting programs

    Heard that both Georgian and Seneca college gave been approached by the board to close their refracting programs.
    Wonder why this is happening now.

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    If they have balls then the educational institutions will continue offering the study of refraction as it benefits opticians to understand their jobs better .

    Unfortunately the regulatory board shot themselves in the foot with their poor behaviour dealing with Refraction disciplinary cases. The Board was and continues to be lacking in their disciplinary actions. They have proven they can not administer nor enforce their own existing rules and regulations so why would the MOH want them to try administering Refraction ?

    Look at this case:

    It involved every College of Opticians rule being broken and none of those rules stood up in court. Only "contempt of court" brought a jail term , then that sentence was suspended . The judge claimed the defendant was making a "mockery of justice" but in the end it was the judge and complainants that executed the real mockery of justice . They became their own obstruction to justice by having no balls .

    The optical regulatory boards seemed to have even forgotten to tell ,optometrists, opticians and the public how that turned out. Cute. It seems to have escaped even the President's message. Funny how the suspended sentence & non- payment of 17 million dollars in fines is not newsworthy.

    And then there is this case . Has it been dealt with ? How many years old is this case ?

    The rules and regs only mean something if you fail to pay your renewal fee. They will suspend you in 30 days for failure to pay but otherwise they will let you continue to run a Judge declared "sham" operation for 6 years before suspending your license and then they will let you run a sham for another year or two before revoking a license .

    If you run an internet online operation then the regulators won't even try touching you or applying their "rules and regs " . Who knows of an onliner in discipline ?

    Is it really surprising then that they are not capable of administering and regulating refraction and might be required to close it down ?
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    If you were the Minister of Health what would you do when you are being embararrased by refraction discipline cases ? Wouldn't you want to remove the cause of that embarrassment ?

    You could remove The College Regulatory body itself for failing to deal with the discipline cases involving refraction but that would be even more embarassing to the Minister ( the Minister would have to admit it can't control it's own colleges & they have already installed supervisors in other Colleges ), or you could fix the problem but that would require knowing how to fix it and neither MOH , Associations or COO know how to do that so the only other choice would be to eliminate the courses at the educational levels.

    It is probably easier for both the MOH and the COO to kill off a good refraction course than to admit they both (MOH & COO ) failed to protect the public and educate good opticians .

    Killing off higher education rather than admit their own shortcomings is easier .

    It's easier to advertise that you have integrity and accountability than to actually possess those qualities.

    True Integrity and accountability is a very high standard to live up to .
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