This position allows you to travel to over 200 Alaskan native villages. Live off the land and share in native culture. When not traveling, you are based in Anchorage.

We currently employ 4 full time, year round, opticians and are seeking a 5th.

Our company was established in 1959 and is proud of the work we do, filling the eyecare requirements of Eskimos and Natives in this region. This is an excellent opportunity if you are the right person. I guarantee you will never have a more interesting and rewarding experience. If you've got the ability to understand different cultures, and are flexible enough to endure the unique working conditions, you can do this. This job is definitely not for everyone, but for those who love the great outdoors and the wilderness, you may never get another chance like this.

Work is performed primarily in the Bush areas of Alaska, with almost all of the work being done in this extreme environment. Most of the time you travel with an optometrist who performs exams. Sleeping arrangements will vary and may be less than optimum at times. Travel will be by jet, small one and two engine planes, snow machine, boat, or dog sled. Working conditions will be whatever is available at the village being visited. The work day will also vary depending upon the purchasing patterns of the villagers. Approximately 12 trips will be scheduled throughout the year, amounting to between 160 to 170 days per year. Usually, there is about 2 weeks to 20 days between trips. After planning your next trip and tying up any loose ends from your previous trip, which takes about 2-3 days at most, your work for the month is done and you have about 2 weeks off between trips. Expect to earn $45,000 a year plus. Excellent benefits include 401K pension plan with employer participation, hospitalization, dental, and life insurance.

• A good knowledge of optics, and able to perform the duties of an optician in the adverse conditions of the Bush areas.
• Knowledge of survival techniques in remote areas and or wilderness areas, is a plus.
• Ability to understand different cultures, and be flexible enough to make people feel at ease when dealing with them.
• Must be able to keep accurate records and reports and have basic computer skills.
• An opticians license from any state which is transferable to Alaska. Most states that are licensed, are accepted by Alaska. If you are not licensed but are ABO certified, you will have to take the optician’s exam for Alaska.

If you would like to email one of the opticians currently working for us you can reach Jeff Powell, our manager in Alaska, at he will be more than happy to answer your questions about his experiences on the job.

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