We have a large inventory of New, Used and Refurbished Ophthalmic and Lab equipment available for sale!

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We are always adding new items to out store so please check frequently!
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Here are a couple of items we have on sale now:

L&W Optics Binocular MicroscopeL&W Optics Monocular Microscope
Hilco Boxer
Vigor/Grobet Box O Graph
Satisloh Optical Surfacing Fining Pads P1200 1000 Roll
Grobet/Vigor Optical Zyl File Kit
Vigor Prescription Aligner
Reichert Auxiliary Cylinder Lenses
Brand New Auxiliary Cylinder Lenses set
American Optical Auxiliary Cylinder Lenses
Hilco Hand Cutting Broach Kit
Vigor Stainless Steel Screw Kit
Bag of 100 Heavy Duty Lens Pattern Blanks
Hilco Seg-Hi Measuring Gauge Sure-Seg
Hilco Sure-Grip Foam Comfort Handles Covers
Hilco Multi-Use Metal PD Ruler
Hilco Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Concentrate
3M Semi-Tec Lens Block box
Hilco Latex Interliner
3M Leap Deblocker 1677
Acetate Lens Washer Kit
Sadler Scrut Post Anvil
Shark-Skin™ Jewelry Repair and Identification Tags
Hilco Bulls-Eye Screw Kit
Sadler Screwdriver Gripper
BPI Lens Tint Assorted Colors 3 oz bottle
Complete American Optical Custom II Chair and Stand
Mackay-Marg Tonometer
American Optical AO Non-Contact II Tonometer
AO American Optical 11320 Minus (-) Phoropter
AO American Optical Manual Chart Projector with Stand
Hilco English Near Vision Card Eye Chart
Grobet Tinting Holder