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Thread: Ever Dreamed of Working / Living in the Caribbean?

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    Ever Dreamed of Working / Living in the Caribbean?

    A fast paced high volume multiple practice is looking for DO's, Applicants should have a minimum of two(2)years experience be registered with the ABO and have a state liscence and be in good standing with both bodies.

    Have yopu ever dreamed of working/living in the Caribbean? Have you ever heard of Trinidad Carnival? Come and enjoy our warm weather, beautiful beaches, unique cusine and the friendly warmath of our people.

    For more information please e-mail me at

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    yes, i spent about three months down there in port of spain, about 1973, during carnival, what a blast, and the old hotel bergerac, if i,m spelling it right, lived up on the golf course road, think it was maravel. My friend eddy ayan owned 7 chicken franchises at the time. went down there with an optician who comes from ther, named phil latchman, wonder if you know him?

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