Closed an office and no longer need it. This is great for a second lane or if you are opening a new office. All controlled by the remote. It is a M&S Smart System 20/20 with a PC-Plus & First Test. It comes with the following:

Dell CPU
17" LCD Monitor
200L CDCPU Flush Mount Bracket Assembly
Wireless Hand Controller
1 Wall Mounted Mirror
Wall Mounts

Great system and very easy to use. I have the whole wall assembly still intact so you will just need to mount it and turn it on. I used it with a mirror and had the CPU/LCD mounted behind the exam chair. I also still have the manual.

The bracket/LCD/CPU are heavy so shipping might be about $60-$80 depending on where you live (it will be shipped from MI).

I'm asking $2000 for everything (it retailed for $4500) plus whatever the cost of packing and shipping would be.


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