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Thread: OptiBoard updates: New Mobile Style and Facebook Connect

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    OptiBoard updates: New Mobile Style and Facebook Connect

    I am pleased to announce that OptiBoard now has a new Mobile style and Facebook Connect options.

    OptiBoard is set to automatically check to see if you are accessing from a mobile phone, and if so it will display the new Mobile Style.

    In addition you will notice the new FaceBook Connect button at the top of the forums. If you choose to link your OptiBoard account to your FB account, then you will see the options to 'Like' specific threads and 'to 'Publish to Facebook' any of your replies or new threads.

    On other news, OptiBoard has been targeted by a determined group of spammers lately. We have has as many as 100+ spam registrations a day. I have taken steps to reduce these spam registrations as best I can. Unfortunately one of those steps involved blocking new registrations from some of the more popular 'free' email domains -,,, etc.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but if I had not taken these steps OptiBoard would be overrun by spammers.

    Note: This will not affect existing accounts with those email domains, only new registrations.

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    Thumbs up Awesome !

    I have tried this new feature out on both my iPhone and iPad and as per usual well done. All the clutter and scrolling you would have to do with the old version is now non existant. Very nice,Thanks.

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