Welcome to the OptiBoard Community Newsletter for March 2002!

Today's Date is: 03-09-2002. This newsletter covers activity activity since 02-01-2002.

Earlier this week OptiBoard broke the 30,000 mark for posts on the Board. We've certainly come a long way from the days when I would have to delete messages when we got more than 1000 messages on the board! I just want to thank all you wonderful people who have helped make OptiBoard the fantastic community it is.

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Contributed by Live Eyewear:

This years show is going to be spectacular. With Expo West cancelled, many new products, programs and technology will be seen for the first time. There is also a wide variety of great entertainment, including a special night at the Hard Rock sponsored by Live Eyewear, Eyecare Business, Zeiss and Burton. (Complimentary passes are available at either company's booth.)

We have planned a fantastic production and I am sure that many other companies have as well. It is an opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to meet that should not be missed. The available seminars focus on specific topics that help your business, your sales and your product knowledge.

For more info on the show, visit this site:


I am pleased to announce that there will be an OptiBoarders meeting at Vision Expo East on Saturday, March 16th at 1:00pm. The folks at Live Eyewear have kindly allowed us to use their booth (#3955) for this meeting and will provide beverages. If you are going to Vision Expo then be sure to stop by and say hi to all tyour fellow OptiBoarders. You can read more about this event in this thread:

Title: "OptiBoard Meeting at Vision Expo!" (posted 02-14-2002 by Steve Machol)
o http://www.optiboard.com/forums/show...&threadid=3971

And don't forget to visit our sponsor's booths - Transitions (#2350) and Live Eyewear (#3955). Be sure to thank them for their support of OptiBoard!

Just a reminder that we now have two sponsored forums on OptiBoard. These are:

o Smart Lens Technology by Transitions Optical

o Sunwear Selling Solution by Live Eyewear

As the titles suggest these forums are sponsored by Transitions Optical and Live Eyewear, respectively. Please show your support for OptiBoard and these sponsors by visiting these forums and learning more about the products and services offered by these fine companies.

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This month's featured member is:


Ian is just 15 years old and a resident of the town of Corofin in County Clare (pop 300). He has become one of OptiBoard's most active members even though he's not in optics (yet!) As one of the Moderators said,"I really feel that he has made the board a better place for his having been here. He has enlightend us with his knowledge of Irish History, world history, and geography, as well as his wit and search for knowledge."

Congratulations Ian, and thanks for being a valuable member of the OptiBoard Community!

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We had the following activity in February:

o New members: 94 ( 1,471 current total)
o New threads: 233 ( 3,964 current total)
o New posts: 2,156 ( 30,131 current total)
o Total hits: 876,469
o Total visits: 10,911
o Total Kb downloaded in February: 1,646,640 Kb (or 1.647 gigabytes!)


Once again, thanks to all of you for your support and for helping make OptiBoard truly the 'Premier Online Community of Eyecare Professionals Worldwide!'