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Thread: Optometrists Recommend KM-Explorer FreeForm Progressive Lens

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    Optometrists Recommend KM-Explorer FreeForm Progressive Lens

    Lightest frame in the world. Under one gram.
    It didn’t take long since we launched KM-Explorer for positive feedback to come. Here is one, quoted as is:

    Thanks for personally informing me about the new Freeform KM-Explorer. Like with all things new, I had reservations with dispensing the lenses although I am aware that they've been around from other lens manufacturers. But the price point was certainly attractive, and if they are better as you said they were, I was willing to introduce them to my clients.

    My first sales were worrisome. It was a husband and wife team of progressive non-adapts and it took some convincing to get them to try progressives again. I can see the worry on the wife's face the day they came to pick up the finished order. I'm sure it had to do with their previous bad experience with no-lines, plus the fact that they did pay a premium for the new lenses. But my worries disappeared as her face lit up as soon as I put the glasses on her. The Explorer Freeforms delivered, and my confidence is bolstered with the positive response. I'm still selling regular progressives, but not before I introduce these new "HD" like options.

    Now my only worry is you guys yanking the package program with the A-R and Transitions w/ A-R add-ons. Please keep the price low for now so we can get a chance to keep on selling a truly good lens design. Understand that our initial pricing for these offers are also relatively low as an introductory program, so give us a chance to fully integrate it into the market before making price adjustments.

    Tell your staff to endorse these lenses to new presbyopes, lined bifocal cross-overs, as well as non-adapts. Peripheral distortions are minimal for intermediate and reading, and distance clarity is optimal. It's a very forgiving lens to dispense.

    I'll send you my prescription soon to have it filled with the Explorer.

    Keep up the innovation, and thanks for keeping your personnel well informed.

    Ray, Sop Frames, Union City CA

    Our Low Price Commitment:

    We will be able to sustain the introductory offer of KM-Explorer through June 30th 2010. Beyond this date, K-MARS Optical will continue to support independent ECPs with high quality and fair prices, as always...

    More information
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