Love the L50 Robert! Iíve always wanted a semi-hollow electric...

3 of my beauties bellow. 1st, my G&L S500 (Ď90). Leo Fender/George Fullerton design. Alder body, maple neck, hand wound p/uís. Besides the 5 way switch it also has a toggle switch where you can tap the bridge and neck p/uís or all three at the same time. Traded a 70ís strat for it. It sounds more like a strat than a Fender does!(if thatís possible). Put a Tube Screamer between it and a Fender Blues Deluxe amp and itís got an extremely similar sound to SRV.

2nd is my main axe I play the most. Itís a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22. Quilt maple top, mahogany body and neck through top, rosewood fretboard. The p/uís are Dragon ll hummers. Itís a 2000 model. Cost me a fortune, but I figured it would be the last guitar I buy (I hope!). Itís great clean or over drived.

Last, my SG Standard. (80ís) . Got it from a guy that was desperate for the cash. It was candy apple red. In great condition, except the finish seemed ďstickyĒ to me, no matter how much I polished, rubbed, played, it just felt tacky. So I took it apart and stripped all the paint on it and refinished it with tung oil. It plays like a dream now, and I think it even sounds better. Itís my open tuning guitar I use for slide or open tuned songs ( like ďKeefĒ Richards stuff).

And no, the pic isnít reversed. Theyíre all lefties, like me. Iíve got 4 other electrics ( mostly Epiís and a Carvin I built from a kit), but they generally stay cased. These usually suite my sonic needs.