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Thread: Operating life of Nidek ME1000 and Nidek Ice-9000 and some other edgers and blockers

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    Exclamation Operating life of Nidek ME1000 and Nidek Ice-9000 and some other edgers and blockers

    Hello all!

    I am an administrator of an ophthalmology clinic in Central Asia, and recently we have opened up an optometric department. Right now, for accounting , planning and some other reasons, we need to know the durability or operating life of Nidek's ME-1000 edger and Nidek's ICE-9000 blocker.

    If anyone had experience with these two pieces of equipment, please leave a note about how long has they served you faithfully. As a matter of fact, the owners of other blocking and edging equipment can also leave info about their machines, so anyone interested can look and compare.

    I believe, the durability judgement shall be based on Time (how long has it worked) and/or Amount of lenses it has successfully blocked/edged (if there is such statistics available). Also, please mention how intense have you used it and whether you have purchased a used one or worked with a brand new one.

    Thank you all beforehand,


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    We've had our ME-1000 for just over 2 years now, and I love that machine. We're in a wholesale lab enviornment, running about 100 jobs a day through it. While I think it would be happier in a lower volume lab, especially a doctor's office, it had been running very well for us.

    We've got every single upgrade possible on the machine, both software and hardware and other than the standard wearing out of parts, such as the drill bits for 3 piece mounts, we've had no problems with it.

    We're due to replace the grinding wheels fairly soon, but their still the original wheels so I'm not going to complain.

    I don't know the exact number of cuts on it, but we run all materials except glass through it and it does well on all of them.

    We did buy the machine new from Santinelli (that's who distributes it here in the US). If you're expecting higher volume, I would highly recommend the SE-9090 edger. We have one of those as well (and I'm trying to convince them to buy more) and that thing is a workhorse.
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    We had one of the first ME1000 edgers and it is almost 5 years old; we had some minor issues, but overall the machine works better today than when it was new. We do 85% trivex and we have replaced the roughing wheel a few times to help with all the trivex. I am looking at the new machine from them that is coming out later in the year. It works on a 5th axis and should finally be able to do 8 base wraps. I will see about that. The machines should last over 5 years without any problem with proper maintance.


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    Hello. i have two Le 9000 almost the same machine as 1000 machine . i had to change main card now. i glazed about 46000 lenses on this machine. I friend of mine in Sweden glazed over 200 000 lenses on his machine.

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