(TORRANCE, CA — January 2010)
After five years of development, the optical lens innovators at California-based Younger Optics are excited to announce the arrival of a revolutionary new polarized lens: NuPolar® Trilogy®Visual Armor®.

Trilogy was based on research originally developed for the military. This research fueled efforts to bring together impact protection, great optics, light weight and chemical resistance all in one innovative lens material. Now Trilogy has been combined with NuPolar, the world’s leading Rx polarized technology, to give the eyewear market an incomparable sunwear solution: NuPolar Trilogy lenses.

Polarized lenses do what no other lens or lens treatment can: block blinding glare. NuPolar lenses are the world’s number one polarized Rx lens due to unsurpassed quality and performance: superb adhesion characteristics ensuring the lenses will not delaminate or separate, consistent true curve control (perfect for today’s digital surfacing requirements), and high polarization efficiency. NuPolar lenses also have superb color uniformity and color consistency. NuPolar Trilogy lenses are the most recent addition to the quickly growing NuPolar lens family, which includes hard resin, polycarbonate and high index 1.67.

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Younger Optics is recognized as the world leader in prescription polarized lenses with its NuPolar® brand. For more information about Younger Optics, visit the company’s web site at, or call (800) 877-5367.