Reichert AT550 – Auto Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT)

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Reichert AT550 Auto Non-Contact Tonometer The AT550 Auto Non-Contact Tonometer with hands-free auto alignment, quiet operation and the softest air puff available today is in a class by itself, the fully automated AT550 does not have a chinrest, joystick or elevation controls. It's unlike any other non-contact tonometer. Patients simply lean against the instrument's forehead rest and view a fixation target. With its patented automated alignment system, operators only press a button to activate the IOP measurement process.

Softest Air Puff & Quiet Operation The AT550 has the softest air puff available today. And with its enhanced silent operation, it is truly a patient-friendly instrument. The AT550 makes the entire IOP measurement process an extremely comfortable, non-intimidating experience for your patients.

Easy-to-Use Icon-Based Operating System:
The AT550's icon-based operating system is so easy to use that first-time operators can learn how to perform an effective and efficient measurement in minutes. The user-friendly LCD screen, which activates by simply pushing a button, guides the operator from start to finish. There's no room for error as the screen displays all the alignment and measurement information.
Additionally, convenient help screens are available to ensure proper operation at all times.

Flexibility to Meet the Needs of Any Practice:
The AT550 is designed with the needs of any practice in mind. To facilitate patient record keeping, the AT550 has an internal high-speed printer providing hard copy of measurement data. For automated practices, data can be sent directly to a practice database through an RS232 interface.
The AT550 is maintenance-free and has no bulbs to change.

Superior Technology Means Accuracy and Reliability:
More than 27 years of clinical experience has been combined with the latest microprocessor control technology to bring you the most advanced NCT available. Numerous clinical studies have shown that Reichert NCTs provide readings which consistently correlate with expertly executed Goldmann measurements.
The AT550 eliminates operator variance by utilizing microprocessor control technology and objective measurement criteria. IOP measurement was never easier, quicker or more accurate.

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