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Thread: Sports- How long have YOU been a fan?!?

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    Sports- How long have YOU been a fan?!?

    Any of you have any old pics of yourselves as sports fans? I'd love to see a pic of Harry from the 60's with his Patriots stuff...

    The Little Colts Fan...

    Going through some old records, I stumbled across this old photograph of yours truly, age 6 (let's see, that would be '74-'75). As I recall, we went out to get a winter jacket and they had Steelers, Eagles, and Colts stuff (the Colts still being in Baltimore at the time). Somehow, I managed to pick the one team that isn't in the playoffs this year. I've been a Colts fan ever since (I guess I just like Blue and White)! All this to say I've suffered a long time with "Wait Till Next Year" syndrome.

    ;) Does fellow Colts fan NightTrain have anything older, hmmmm?

    PS- If you can't post pics to the internet, email them to me and I'll be happy to post them for you.
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    Hmmm, Has this image been manipulated? That Colts Logo loos VERY MUCH like your old avatar? And The Cactus in the backround...Cactuses in the Northeast? And Why doesn't the cactus cast a shadow to the right the way "Young Pete" does? Something smells fishy here.

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