New Millennium is adding multi-line reps

What is a multi-line rep looking for?
1) Lines that have many price points, styles and target customers so that you will never leave the account without a sale
2) Lines that have high commission rates
3) Lines that have different programs to help sell in the frames and make the account more profitable
4) Companies that support their reps and have limited paperwork
5) Opportunities to make additional money while already visiting the account
6) We have many brands to put together with what you already have. You will supplement what you need to service your accounts making you even more valuable to them.

Many areas are available including: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, Eastern Up-State NY, Michigan, Maryland, Florida plus many more.

We offer a wide variety of brands such as London Fog, Fubu, Vanni, New Millennium, Ice, Imago, and Ogami. With all the exposure that the hit TV show "Mad Men" is giving London Fog, this is a great time to be carrying London Fog Eyewear and all our other lines.

If you are interested, email me your resume at Or just start with an in depth, explanatory email about yourself and the territory that are currently selling to, number of accounts, different lines and price points you have, how much you ship in an average month and how much you'd like to ship.