Yeah, the gov is takin' it on the lam...

But that's not the real news. Just look at her "famous" eyewear...

They look streched, tired, bent and in need of a proper "adjustment"

Q: Does "Home Optics" make house calls for adjustments free of charge?

And that's not the worst of it. For a women with a high media profile, I think its a cryin' shame that those famous rectinilinear rimless glasses (yes, dear, "glasses"...) are now the *ONLY* ones she wears.

This, from a lady that was initially known to possess an eyewear wardrobe.

The real crime, however, is that I just saw her this AM on TV, dressed in fishing overalls (?), down at the water, hair all a mess...

With her famous (dress) rimless eyewear on!

And they say male opticians don't know a thing about eyewear or conventional fashion.