Cohesive Media Announces New Blog Dedicated to Covering the High-end Eyewear Industry
Cohesive Media is pleased to announce the launch of their new blog dedicated to covering the high-end eyewear industry, The Spectacle Showcase. Our idea was to create a fun yet informative site that was based around high-end eyewear. Knowing the industry's need to stay on top of the latest developments, we wanted the site to funnel all the different information from all the different designers into one easy to use place where the industry can get a quick snapshot of everything going on. In addition to links for many of the eye wear manufacturers, the site contains regular posts covering company news, frame releases, collection overviews and also interesting special interest items like designer interviews, and how to articles. We really feel that this site will become a great tool in tracking what our niche of the industry is up to and has already been embraced by many of the manufacturers themselves. Visit the site today at