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Thread: Maui Jim Rx Lenses

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    Maui Jim Rx Lenses

    Hi all !!! Long time no talk!!!

    Received a revalation from Maui Jim Suns after a patient complained about his Rx lenses being too dark.

    The patient had a minimal script. When I questioned the Maui
    people about it, they informed me that their Rx lenses are tinted
    besides having the polarizing filter in them where the planos are a clear glass sandwich. Our rep didn't even know this.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Bob V.

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    I did not know they Rx their frames?
    Are they any good?
    Does it take them 2 weeks to do a job?
    How are their prices?

    BTW does anybody else Rx their performance sunglass collections?

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    All of the Maui Jim Rx's we've had done have been excellent. They strive to keep the same quality in their Rx lenses as in their plano. Glass only for right now, but I think they are working on the poly. Prices for prescriptions are generally $200 (retail) more than the plano sunglasses. They do take about 2 weeks. Other manufacturers who Rx their suns are Hobie, Ocean Waves, Serengeti, Vuarnet, Costa del Mar and Bolle. (Although we have had a job out with Bolle since June that still hasn't come back right.) Zeal also does prescription now and they will Rx their swap-out lenses; not an insert-the Rx is in the lenses. They are the first company I have seen that will do this.

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