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  • Yes, I have purchased items or services found in the Marketplace

    14 38.89%
  • No, I've checked in but I haven't purchased anything posted in the Marketplace.

    19 52.78%
  • Yes, I have sold items I've posted in the Marketplace

    4 11.11%
  • No, I haven't been able to sell anything I've posted in the Marketplace.

    6 16.67%
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Thread: Optical Marketplace Forum Users

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    Master OptiBoarder Joann Raytar's Avatar
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    Question Optical Marketplace Forum Users

    The above poll allows multiple answers so if you have purchased and sold goods or services in The Optical Marketplace you can vote for both.

    Thank you for taking time out to take part in the above poll!

    :) Jo

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    Cape Codger OptiBoard Gold Supporter hcjilson's Avatar
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    May 2000
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    Sold 2....

    I've sold 2 lensometers in the past year alone.I could have sold a brand new (still in the box untouched by human hands) Grolman fitting Unit!:)I fianlly decided that I couldn't bear to part with it! Like the man said, I'm not the brightest bulb in the socket!
    Harry J
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    Lord Byron

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    Ophthalmic Optician
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    Sep 2001
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    I've sold an autorefractor, a phoroptor, and a slit lamp through the forum. The e-mail option is nice because you don't have to work the deals out in the "open".

    I purchased a number of optometric lanes for a consulting project.
    I also purchased some great frames, and am in the process of purchasing a back-up projector.

    This is the forum that I found when I searched "optometric equipment" in a general search engine. This is how I first discovered the OptiBoard.

    As opticians, we sometimes (usually) don't have the financial capabilities of the other 2 O's. This forum (I mean this in the nicest way) is the "garage sale" of the optical world. Note that I didn't say "flea market", because unlike places where items are sold from the back of cars, the optical marketplace forum allows you to deal w/ people that you have daily conversation with.

    What would be a nice addition to the forum (although I could see it turn into a product bashing forum), would be a "product review forum". I know it's touchy w/ sponsors that might get caught in the crossfire, but w/ all the changing technology, it would be a great resource. It might be a great sponsor tool as well...if you had "pay for (re)views" In this case the sponsor would have an infomercial type posting that would be read everytime a member logged on. They spend millions w/ Jobson every month, why not here where they know they'll get an educated consumer ?

    Thanks again for the great job !


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    Bad address email on file optigoddess's Avatar
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    Oregon, USA
    I have forwarded information on products I think someone I know would like to hear about....

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    since 1964 Homer's Avatar
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    Jan 2001
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    have looked. have not partaken. plan to post sale items in January.

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    Bad address email on file OptiBoard Gold Supporter Sean's Avatar
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    I do look from time to time. But i haven't taken part .:(

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    Manuf. Lens Surface Treatments
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    in Naples FL for the Winter months
    Other Optical Manufacturer or Vendor

    Pol Poll Poll Poll

    I have never seen as many polls at the same time as today................ new fashion I guess

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