Carl Zeiss Vision Launches Customized Zeiss GT2 3D and Zeiss GT2 3D Short Progressive Lenses

San Diego, CA (March 24, 2009) -- Carl Zeiss Vision has extended its award-winning GT2™ progressive lens family with two free-form-customized lenses: Zeiss GT2 3D and Zeiss GT2 3D Short.

“By combining the very successful GT2 design with an innovative customization strategy and our patented back-surface Precise-Form™ technology, we have created customized GT2 lenses for virtually any size of frame,” said Bernadette Hiskey, Carl Zeiss Vision’s Director, Customized Lenses. “The result is even better visual performance for the full range of patient prescriptions.”

Zeiss GT2 3D and Zeiss GT2 3D Short employ real-time prescription optimization, to provide a design that is completely customized for the patients sphere, cylinder, axis and add. In addition, the customization process can account for the slight prescription differences that exist between most wearers’ left and right eyes, which can degrade the quality of binocular vision.

"By precisely customizing the optics of a binocularly-optimized progressive lens design for the wearer's exact prescription requirements, GT2 3D eliminates optical aberrations that would otherwise disrupt binocular vision," said Darryl Meister, Carl Zeiss Vision's Manager, Technical Marketing. "This results in perfectly aligned right and left viewing zones as the eyes move from distance to near, while minimizing differences in power, prism, and magnification between corresponding points across each lens."

This innovative customization approach is built on the GT2 design, winner of the 2007 OLA “Best in Lens Design” Award of Excellence. “A great customization approach needs a great design as a starting point, “said Hiskey. “GT2 was created using ZEISS Optical Optimization and Management, an approach that combines breakthrough physiological and ergonomic insights with precise aberration control. The design’s performance has made it a leading progressive in the U.S. in a very short time. The addition of 3D customization makes it even better.”

Zeiss GT2 3D and Zeiss GT2 3D short join the flagship Zeiss Individual™ progressive in Carl Zeiss Vision’s broadening customized lens portfolio. “Multiple customized options and price points are a key to creating category growth for our customers,” said Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision’s Vice President, Business Development. “The Zeiss GT2 3D lenses offer a performance and price level between Zeiss Individual and the semi-finished GT2 products. This will help more practices and patients benefit from the customized lens revolution.”

Zeiss GT2 3D has a minimum fitting height of 17mm, while Zeiss GT2 3D Short fits frames with fitting heights as low as 13mm. Both are available in 1.5, 1.59 Polycarbonate and 1.67 High Index in a choice of clear, Transitions® Gray and Transitions® Brown. They are also available in 1.6 clear.