Carl Zeiss Vision Introduces Polarized SOLA HDV Customized Progressives
SAN DIEGO, CA – (March 9, 2009) - Carl Zeiss Vision has announced that the company’s HD (High Definition) series of customized progressives is now available with NuPolar® polarization in multiple material and color options. Included in the line extension are SOLA HDV, SOLAOne HD, SOLA Compact Ultra HD, and AO Easy HD. Each is available in the following NuPolar® options: Polycarbonate Gray, Brown, Copper and Green-15, and Hard Resin Gray and Brown.

NuPolar polarized lenses offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, while eliminating blinding sun glare.

“Polarized prescription sunwear delivers visual health, clarity and comfort outdoors,” said Bernadette Hiskey, Carl Zeiss Vision’s Director, Customized Lenses. “The category is growing in double digits, but the great majority of progressive wearers still don’t have prescription sunwear, so there is plenty of opportunity for further growth.”

SOLA HDV and the HD progressive series employ Carl Zeiss Vision’s High Definition technology. Each lens is individually optimized for the patient’s sphere, cylinder, axis and add using proprietary real-time customization software, and then manufactured using the company’s patented* back-surface free-form process. Plus, SOLA HDV is fully customized for the patient’s frame and prescription using proprietary morphing technology to deliver a variable corridor length for fit heights 13 – 35mm. And now with the launch of NuPolar polarized options the company is excited to add to High Definition the enhanced benefit of High Contrast polarized enhancement.

“We feel that we’ve created a best-on-best-on-best sunwear option with this line extension,” commented Hiskey. “HD optimization delivers the best performance from these lens designs. NuPolar® delivers the best polarization available and we believe we have the best range of color choices. We expect that the HD polarized series will help eye care professionals bring prescription sunwear to more of their patients and grow the customized lens category.”