Polycore Optical Engages the Future
Reno, NV, USA – March 6, 2009– In a series of internal global restructuring initiatives the Polycore Optical Group based out of Singapore, has focused their direction to enhance global supply chain operations and to improve manufacturing competitiveness. As a result, the company will relocate all Polycarbonate manufacturing to its Indonesia plant, and close the production facility in the United States out of its Reno, Nev. office.

The commercial organization will be developed further in America to improve quality and service to this market. Polycore Optical considers the U.S. market, and other markets in North and South America to be integral to its strategy moving forward.

Polycore Optical is committed to producing a line of products for the eye care community with superior quality and value. Polycore Optical has aimed to reduce the complexity and confusion prevalent in the eye care industry by simplifying the business of sight for more than 30 years. Polycore Optical has offices in Asia, America, and Europe.