(TORRANCE, CA — March 2009) NuPolar, the world’s most popular polarized RX lens, now brings the quality and features you have come to expect from NuPolar to the 1.67 market.

“The eyecare industry is aware of the many benefits of polarized lenses – that they remove glare and enhance visual acuity - but it’s also important to remember,” stresses David Rips, President and CEO of Younger Optics, “that not all polarized lenses are manufactured the same. While other polarized lenses vary in quality and performance, NuPolar consistently outperforms other products in the marketplace.”

NuPolar 1.67 lenses are manufactured MR-10™ resin, a high performance material with good processing and stability characteristics. NuPolar 1.67 is offered in five base curves with precise film placement to allow for minimum thickness over a wide Rx range, and is backed by all applicable NuPolar warranties.

NuPolar 1.67 lenses are manufactured with all the features that make NuPolar unique: excellent heat stability (even when subjected to the elevated temperatures encountered during many hard coating and A/R coating processes), superb adhesion characteristics ensuring the lenses will not delaminate or separate, consistent true curve control (perfect for today’s digitally processed free-form requirements), and high polarization efficiency. NuPolar’s quality standards never allow your desired gray or brown colors to look too green or too blue, and NuPolar lenses are unrivaled in color uniformity, assuring consistent color matching.

NuPolar High Index 1.67 lenses are available now in single vision gray & brown.