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Thread: Info on CPO Exam

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    Confused Info on CPO Exam


    I am currently studying to take my CPO exam. I have 3+ years working as a "tech" and from the start found the field interesting so I bought several books and learned some on my own. I have recently purchased the CPO Study Guide by the AOA and pretty much know all the information in it with the Optical portion being my weakest subject, since I do more "tech" work and don't work much in Optical. I want to take my test but want to be sure that the information I know is pretty much what is on the test. If I am pretty familiar with the information in the CPO Study Guide are my chances of passing the CPO exam pretty good? Also when you take the test do you know if you pass or fail the same day and about how many questions are on the test and what is the fail point? ( The number allowed to miss before you fail?) If anyone can help me out It would be appreciated! If there is something else that I can read to help me pass the test let me know. I have just ordered the Self Study Course for Paraoptometric Cert. and Test Yourself Atlas in Ophthalmology. Any help and suggestions will be very much appreciated!

    Peri ;)

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    An employee of mine took the CPO after only 10 months in optical and passed with over 90%. All she studied was the CPO Study Guide. I've heard that now they offer the computerized exam and it will give you an unofficial score report at the end but not totally sure about that. For more info, go to their website: If I were you, I would contact them at Commission on Paraoptometric Certification (CPC)
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    Good luck. I'm sure you'll pass!
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    OMG the CPO is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy!!! If you know basic eye anatomy, can file charts, and able to use a pencil to fill in the little circles on the will pass!

    I took the CPOT (waiting for the practical to come around)....and it wasnt hard at all!

    Good Luck to you and dont worry about it!

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