Carl Zeiss Vision Launches Personalized Lens Revolution with Zeiss Individual Progressive Lenses
Building on its unique, pioneering legacy in the use of free-form technology for lens customization, Carl Zeiss Vision has created the first progressive lens that is precisely personalized for the individual wearer: Zeiss Individual.

With Zeiss Individual, Carl Zeiss Vision is ushering in a new era of truly personalized lenses, said Fred Howard, Carl Zeiss Visions President, Americas - Pacific. This is the moment in the evolution of lenses that eye care professionals have been waiting for. They can now offer progressive lenses that are as precisely tailored to the patient as the eye exam and prescription.

Zeiss Individuals precise personalization delivers:

- Unlimited frame choices. Zeiss Individual automatically expands or contracts the entire design for the size and shape of the patients chosen frame, balancing all viewing areas and ensuring the widest fields of vision. The corridor is continuously variable in 0.1mm steps. For fitting heights from 13mm to 35mm.
- Maximum visual acuity for any face. The patients monocular PD, vertex distance, pantoscopic angle and frame wrap angle are incorporated into the design calculation to create optimum performance in that patients unique wearing position.
- Optimized optics for every prescription. Zeiss Individual creates and optimizes the design in real-time based on the patients exact combination of sphere, cylinder, axis and add power, eliminating the visual compromises that semi-finished lenses create for most prescriptions.

For the patient, Zeiss Individuals precise personalization creates the best possible visual experience, because the design accounts for the patient-unique variables that semi-finished lenses cant consider, said Bernadette Hiskey, Carl Zeiss Visions Director, Customized Lenses. For eye care professionals, Zeiss Individual offers the confidence that the lens will provide a perfect match for the patients frame, prescription, and even the way the lenses fit the face.

Carl Zeiss Vision supports Zeiss Individual with a manufacturing, distribution and marketing infrastructure that enables independent eye care professionals to deliver the best visual solution to patients. A customized lens is more than just a great design, said Fred Howard. You need the right manufacturing approach and the right laboratory partners to manufacture the lens onsite with rapid turnaround. Carl Zeiss Vision has all of the pieces in place.

Zeiss Individual is available in clear and Transitions VI lenses (Gray and Brown) in the following materials: 1.5 hard resin, 1.59 polycarbonate, and 1.67 high index. It is also available in 1.6 (clear only). Independent eye care practices can order Zeiss Individual through Carl Zeiss Vision Laboratories, enabled wholesale lab partners Perfect Optics, Expert Optics and Three Rivers Optical, and a network of authorized premier ZEISS distributor labs.

Eye Care Professionals seeking more information about Zeiss Individual may visit or call 1-888-ZEISS-4U.