Welcome to the November 2001 issue of the OptiBoard Community Newsletter!

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-> OptiBoard Newsletter Sponsor's Message
-> OptiBoard October Statistics
-> OptiBoard Syndicated News
-> Hot Topics
-> OptiBoard Featured Member of the Month
-> Moderator Column: 'Your profile can be important!' by Harry Jilson (hcjilson)

========== [ OptiBoard Newsletter Sponsor's Message ] ==========

This edition is sponsored by Optical Dynamics Corporation, providing business solutions for the optical professionals. Q-2100 Lens Casting Technology, Business Plans, Marketing Concepts. Training Systems, Advertising Programs.


========== [ OptiBoard October Statistics ] ==========

Here's the Board statistics for October 2001:

New Members in October: 98
Total Members (as of November 10, 2001): 1,240
New Posts in October: 1309
Total Posts (as of November 10, 2001): 22,693
New Threads in October: 185
Total hits in October: 685,068 (22,098 per day)
Total Kbytes downloaded: 1,509,546 kb (1.51 gigabytes!)

========== [ OptiBoard Syndicated News! ] ==========

We're very pleased to announce a new OptiBoard feature -

OptiBoard Syndicated News!

This feature allows anyone to add a section to their own web site that displays the 10 most recent topics on OptiBoard. Since this topic list is updated every 10 minutes, people using the news feed will always be assured of up-to-date content.

For more information and instructions on adding the newsfeed to your site, please visit this page:


And go here for a list of OptiBoard Affiliate Sites:


(If you add the newsfeed to your site, send us an email and we'll add you to this list.)

========== [ Hot Topics ] ==========

Here's a few of the many hot topics currently being discussed on the Board:

Tips on Dispensing

Poll: What are your state's reqs. for being in optics?

Ask the experts...


Poll: What percentage of AR jobs do you dispense?

Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Lens Manufacturer and Why?

Poll: What is your favorite lens material?

ABO Credits onine

"Smart Mirror"

Anyone design a 'ben franklin' lately?

Optician Certifications

Do you know or are related to anyone famous?

Poll: What if Al Gore had won the election?

========== [ OptiBoard Featured Member of the Month ] ==========

Optiboard has improved greatly in the past six plus years, not only in appearance, but in the quality and depth of its content. That is a direct result of the input of our Members. The Administrator and Moderators take notice of the countless contributions made by board Members, which measurably improve the quality of this board.

Occasionally one member will stand out in particular and the administrator and moderators would like to recognize this individual. Hence the award of a tip of our collective hats! The OptiBoard Featured Member of this Month is:

Jim G!

Jim has been a long time contributor to OptiBoard and has offered his extensive expertise to the Community. In addition to his comprehensive laboratory knowledge, Jim has strong knowledge of hard coating and AR coating processes and has been an invaluable help to many people on the Board.

Thanks Jim for all you've done for the OptiBoard Community - and best of luck to you and Ann on your move to Arizona!

========== [ Moderator Column ] ==========

'Your profile can be important!', by Harry Jilson (hcjilson)

I've noticed, particularly with many of the newer members, that the profile fields are left blank. Perhaps this was done originally because of a lack of trust sharing personal information. At least thats the way it was for me when I first became an Optiboarder. But as I became more comfortable here, I became less suspicious. At some point down the road I went back and filled in the blanks in the profile section, providing personal information I didn't mind other members knowing about. As a result of doing that I've hooked up with several other members who share similar interests outside the Optical industy. It has been a rewarding facet of Optiboard, and I recommend it to all.

Why not go back, check your profile, and fill in some of the missing blanks. You won't be sorry you did it!


Once again, thanks to all of you for your support and for helping make OptiBoard truly the 'Premier Online Community of Eyecare Professionals Worldwide!'

Steve Machol
OptiBoard Administrator