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Thread: Rodenstock purchases UK optical chain

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    Question Rodenstock purchases UK optical chain

    VMail, from VisionMonday for October 29, 2001
    Rodenstock Moves into Retailing with Purchase of UK Optical Chain

    MUNICH, Germany--Rodenstock’s UK subsidiary, Rodenstock UK Ltd., has acquired Allders Opticians, a privately owned retail chain with 15 locations north of London. The move marks the German lens maker’s entry into the retail arena. A Rodenstock statement said, "Unlike Germany and other central European countries, the UK market has a much higher penetration of optical chains and franchises. The takeover secures the future of Allders Opticians as an independent operation. At the same time, it gives Rodenstock UK the opportunity to gain experience in retail, experience which should help develop even wider and better services for opticians."
    If Allders Opticians have been purchased by Rodenstock are they still independent? How do opticians in the UK feel about a major manufacturer purchasing optical shops?

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    Wave Not Happy...

    Jo, This is something i forgot to post, The worst part is Rodenstock have some sort of "club" for Opticians were they get discount etc. These opticians are not best pleased...
    I would say no they are no longer inderpendent as they are owned by a manufacture.
    I fear that this is just the start in the UK, we have yet to see the likes of Essilor etc get going...

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