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Thread: Do you use In-Office lens casting? Check this out!

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    Do you use IN-OFFICE LENS CASTING? Check this out!

    Users of In-Office lens fabrication equipment quickly come to appreciate the benefits of this wonderful technology-low cost lenses, fast turn-around, and flexibility to name just a few. I suspect they also come to appreciate that, even with this state-of-the-art equipment, high quality lenses do not happen by themselves. Proper training and adherence to procedure are essential if one is to produce an acceptable product.

    One of these procedures is mold cleaning. The seemingly simple steps needed to obtain a set of clean molds are really quite demanding and require a skilled and attentive operator. Unfortunately, by its very nature, hand cleaning is tedious, inefficient, and reduces the life of the molds. Fortunately, a new technology has been developed to solve these problems.

    The Dry-Touch system provides a "FULLY AUTOMATIC" process for cleaning and drying lens casting molds. Fast and effective, the system allows cleaned molds to be taken directly from the exit station and put right back into casting with no ill effects. In addition, the machine has a footprint of only 24 x 22 inches, is very easy to run, and simple to use.

    While mold cleaning is one of its primary uses, Dry-Touch is not limited to this alone. The system is designed to handle a wide variety of cleaning and treatment solutions. Also, because of its microprocessor control, changes to system settings such as temperature, dwell time, transfer speed, etc. are relatively easy. Thus, when properly configured for the application, Dry-Touch may be used for other office jobs. Cleaning lenses in preparation for coating is one example.

    To learn more about the Dry-Touch system, please post to this forum or send an email to
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    As long as you are inventing stuff.

    Why doesn't someone come up with some sort of devise like a commercial dishwasher that will take all my frames with demo lenses and clean them. Something I can put them in at night an come back in the morning to an office full of spotlessly clean frames?


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