:D Years ago at the old B&L lab in Newburgh N.Y., in 1970 i was assigned to a special project, which was to edge 18,000 lenses to a 46 S-7 shape that were to be coated by a new machine B&L had just bought overseas. After i edged them they were sent to the Atlanta,Georgia office to be coated and then were sent back to me. I then inserted them one by one into white plastic monocular holders, of which there were either 10 or twelve that fit into cutouts in the book. These books were then sent out to 1800 DR,s across the USA. Unfortunately i never got one for myself and if anyone has one of these laying around i,d like to buy it. BTW, this was made to show all the various colors you could coat glass. Ironically, after all that work, it did not pan out, as the machine was unstable and would produce 10 shades of green, 10 shades of yellow,etc.
........BTW, it took several months of doing, I ran three coburn rocket edgers at the same time, and in between pin beveled all of them front and back on a ceramic stone.