I am selling our Topcon TRC-NW6S non-mydriatic digital fundus camera. Takes 30 degree and 45 degree photos, also capable of doing mosaic photos of the retina and periphery.

Here's some more info about it off a distributor's website:

We ran it networked in our office so photos could be viewed from the exam rooms, and it worked perfectly. We had it for about a year with light use prior to switching to an Optos unit. Very easy to use and takes great photos.

The camera is in mint condition and comes with the original computer and software. Topcon would need to install software on any networked computers so you can view the files. It doesn't come with a table, but you can get those for reasonably low costs. This is a great profit generator.

We paid about $24,000 for it, asking $17,500 including free shipping.