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Thread: Return policies

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    Return policies

    I know that this has been discussed on here, but I am not finding the threads. I am wondering about your return policies, both for non RX suns or readers, and on RX eyelasses. I know that most chains offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but I am more interested in what private office do.

    Do you offer returns on non RX items? If so, how long does a patient have? Do you give a refund or exchange only?

    Do you offer a refund on RX items? If so, on frames and lenses? Do you charge your cost for the lenses? What about if they cancel the next day, but the job has already been started?

    What if a patient does not like the frame after they get them? Do you allow them to restyle? And what are your policies in regards to that?

    Thanks for all of your help!!

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    Try this search...

    1 Click "search" on the above green bar

    2 click "show threads" in dropdown box

    3 type in return policies also try warranty policies

    4 click "go"

    I saw at least a half dozen discussions
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    my thinking is this....if the pt. takes 30min-1hr looking at frame selection and choosing a frame that he/she like, provided its a good fit for the Rx, and you sit and discuss lens types, options, add ons, and pricing for each, then come to a total cost and the patient is satisfied and the sale is made, then there should be no reason to refund. If for anyreason the prescription is wrong (because we have all goofed up one time or another, even the optical genious's here) then offer to remake them at no charge and definately apologize for your mistakes and give them a coupon (%) off their next purchase. I really goofed on a PAL once and she wanted a refund but instead i offerd to have the PAL hot shot make and next day delivery and also gave her a free pair of SV readers @ n/c which cost me no more than $.$$. In the end she was extremly happy for the fast next day service and ended up getting a pair of "newspaper glasses" and i didnt have to give back the $$$.$$ she spent.

    If they dont like the frame, because someone else didnt approve when they got home and want to return, then i offer to xchange frame for equal or greater value and remake the lens for $25.00 (lab, tech time), even free if they really complain.

    IMHO theres no reason to give someone a refund if all the correct steps are taken and you (the optician) has done your part to fully service your patient to the highest standards. If your honest and make good first impressions, then your patients will understand if you goof up once in a while.

    But, I know "buyers remorse when i see it!!!!!!!" But unfortunately im not in the business to take money and give money back!! but ill do whatever it takes to make the pateint happy after purchase.
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