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    Practice Management Software

    Hi all,

    Looking into changing my practice management software and I was wondering…

    a. what do you use?
    b. how much did it cost?
    c. do you like it?
    d. is it worth the price?

    I need it for a single doctor/dispensary to manage the day-to-day - like patient info, inventory, lab orders etc.

    Thanks all,

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    First off... check out

    I use myVisionExpress (.com). I chose it because it's updateded monthly and I have raw db access. It was millions of dollars like all the others.

    Acutally, price should be your last concern. For me, database access was the motivating factor. I can now integrate my PM software (on my own) with my office website for online order status, online ordering, appointment scheduling, etc.

    For us, NextGen was runner up, followed by VersaSuite. OfficeMate and Maximeyes were on the back of the list.

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