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Thread: Blocking pads for Super Hydrophobic Lenses

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    The Secure Edge pads worked reasonably well for me, but still had some slippage. What I disliked the most tho was the amount of time it took to clean (and reclean) the lenses afterword.

    I now use, with incredible success:
    Clean all lenses first (except Alize)
    Front side gets clear surface saver tape with blocking pad mounted on it
    Blocking pads are PSI #2810
    Back side gets an extra pad if it is AR/polarized/photochromic/otherwiseExpensive
    Let sit in tightened chuck a minute or two to set adhesives before edging

    Even tho it may sound like a lot of tape, what I really like is that when the lens is finished I just tear off the tape and no longer have to clean StickyStuff off the lenses. :)

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    PSI has a new blocking pad designed specifically for super hydophobic and oleophobic lenses call Oleo-Gold. It is brand new. If you would like to try some samples, email me at and I will send some out to you.

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    Holy zombie thread, Batman!

    I have converted 100% to Big Red pads from Dynamic Labs. I've never had a single slip.
    I'm Andrew Hamm and I approve this message.

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