Events Provide Opportunities to Learn About Newest, Most Advanced Photochromic Technology and Marketing Support from Transitions Optical
PINELLAS PARK, Fla., February 12, 2008 – To support the launch of Transitions® VI lenses – today’s most advanced photochromic technology available in all major lens materials and designs – Transitions Optical, Inc. has announced an Experience Transitions tour, which will visit 11 cities throughout the United States. By attending, eyecare professionals will earn the chance to experience the new performance of Transitions VI lenses firsthand.

Kicking off in February 2008 and continuing through April 2008, the Experience Transitions tour will also stop in six cities in Canada. Attendees will learn about tools and support for the new product, as well as 2008 initiatives to educate consumers about the need for healthy sight and drive them to their eyecare professionals for more information.

“Our tour attendees will see that we are stepping up our efforts on all fronts – advancing our technology to provide optimal vision and healthy sight to patients, expanding our marketing efforts to drive awareness of the need for UV and glare protection and elevating the importance of eyecare professionals in delivering healthy sight solutions,” said Grady Lenski, commercial strategy and operations director, Transitions. “We have a lot in store for 2008, and the tour will help our partners know what to expect and how they can leverage our efforts to grow their own businesses.”

The U.S. Experience Transitions tour will stop in:

February 26 – Minneapolis, Minn.
February 28 – Atlanta, Ga.
March 4 – Tampa, Fla.
March 6 – Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
March 11 – Houston, Texas
March 13 – Dallas, Texas
March 20 – Seattle, Wash.
March 25 – Los Angeles, Calif.
March 27 – San Francisco, Calif.
April 1 – New York City, N.Y.
April 3 – Detroit, Mich.

In the spirit of the tour’s “experience” theme, eyecare professionals will have the opportunity to visit various stations where they will see Transitions VI lenses in action and enjoy engaging entertainment. Attendees will learn the latest updates on consumer advertising, as well as self-marketing tools, in-office/POS tools and education support offered by Transitions in 2008. Attendees will have the chance to win gift cards, and will have the opportunity for a free trial pair voucher for Transitions VI lenses, so they can experience the advanced performance of the lenses for themselves.

About Transitions VI Lenses
Aside from offering consistent, high-level performance across all lens materials, Transitions VI lenses feature improvements over the previous generation of technology for 1.50 material (Transitions® Next Generation lenses) and over the previous generation of technology for high-index, Trivex® and polycarbonate materials (Transitions® V lenses). Transitions VI lenses are darker outdoors than Transitions V lenses and Transitions Next Generation lenses in any temperature, reducing discomforting and disabling glare; are clearer indoors than Transitions V lenses; and are faster to fade back than Transitions Next Generation lenses. Transitions VI lenses also block 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation – and now provide UV 400 protection. Additionally, Transitions VI lenses are compatible with anti-reflective (AR) coatings from all major manufacturers. Combining Transitions VI lenses with an AR coating, improves the indoor clarity of the lens, reduces distracting glare and enhances nighttime driving.