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Thread: future of independant opticians

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    future of independant opticians

    What is the future of independant opticians, with more and more insuances turning away from opticians, Is there a list of insurances that take opticians...

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    Can't more and more opticians turn away insurance? 90% of our clients don't have insurance, 5% have insurance that we're not providers on, and the other 5% we do thier insurance; and who cares, they're all going to have lasik and buy their specs at K-mart. 6 pair for $10, so what are we gonna do? (wring hands) the population in our market is about 4 million, 55% wear glasses, 10K will have lasik, 8K will still need glasses, i have about 15K steady clients, which is enough to handle, we have a little niche, folks that want excellant glasses, properly fit, ready in a week or so, paid for in advance, generally, and they are very nice about it. most are smart enough to know that the insurance companies are charging them a premium, they have minimum benefits and still have to pay wxtra for what they want! so, hang in there, tell the insurance companies to find another sucker, and be an optician.

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    future of opticianry

    I have seen 4 independant opticians go out of business in the colorado springs area in the last 9 months... all provied excellent service and were in visible areas... maybe its just in my area but it seems to me that opticians are dropping like flies...the practice that I work at does 90% insurance and in my studies of the area about 40% have some sort of optical plan and at least 30% go to a chain... that leaves 30% for the independant optician... if they can find them...I am happy that your group has been succesful and would love to hear about how you did it...

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