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Thread: To Lindberg Or Not To Lindberg

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    To Lindberg Or Not To Lindberg

    I have a few questions about Lindberg Frames.

    1. How much do their precious metal frames retail?
    2. Do they require a large buy in?
    3. Are their titanium frames really good quality?

    Any help would be nice.


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    Just my 2 cents on Lindberg.

    At a previous optical that I worked at, we carried the Air Titanium line. I fell in love with it. We had about 56 pieces in total. They are, IMO, one of the best titanium chassis, and I love the tension mounting. We had a patient who had a frame for 5 years and would just re use it. Color never faded, and except for normal wear, they looked new.

    We retailed them for 599, though you may find them retailed for less. Not sure of the buy in, as the pieces we had were just for display as they are ordered from Denmark for each patient.
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    Allison makes a line called Try Techno that has a similar tension mount. Pretty interesting stuff.

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    Thumbs up about lindberg

    Lindberg have AIR and SPIRIT (rimless), accetanium, AIR (rim), lindberg-X(rim and half-rim) also the stripe titanium (rim and half-rim) and kids (rim). Most of the frame are no screw, no joints and can order from internet. Firstly u have to become an authorized first, I suggest to start a specific series first because like the rimless they have 3 size of nose bridge and the temple also have 2 to 3 different length plus the color choice now is over 40 different including matt and shinny, it will become quite complicated when u first handle the brand.

    I have sell this brand over 10 years, the quality is the best titanium ever in the market. I always say " a wealthy people cannot request Gucci to make a gold frame for them but the lindberg can"

    The best lindberg frame in my shop is the spirit and kids !

    Hope this help!

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