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Thread: *Crack* for dogs.

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    *Crack* for dogs.

    I LOVE dogs! :)

    I didn't start out that just happened 4 years ago when we got our first dog...a beagle.

    I never had one as a kid and my kids were begging for husband finally relented.

    A year later, we rescued a fox hound (she looks just like a beagle only really tall and all muscle...70 lbs.)

    They are a huge part of our family and I can't imagine life without them.

    Here is the *crack* part...

    A new pet food store opened in town carrying "healthy" pet food. Well...we obviously have different food needs for the two very different sized dogs, so I tried them out. I pay an outrageous amount for a bag of food, but it serves both of their needs.

    One day, I asked the clerk to recommend a healthy treat. Both dogs are very food motivated and easy to train with snacks.

    She recommended "Free Range Dog Chews" Chicken Breast Wraps. They come in different flavors but are a piece of real dried chicken breast wrapped around a slice of sweet potato or carrot. (

    I left the store not realizing how much I had spent on just the treats because I had purchased cat food, dog food, treats, and a couple toys.

    Well...the dogs went NUTS for them!!! They will do whatever I ask them to do as long as I am holding one of these things.

    My foxhound is a "talker" and very communicative. One day, she came into my office (I work from home) and started pawing at me. I asked her if she wanted to go outside and her ears perked up and she trotted out to the kitchen where the backdoor is.

    I followed her out and instead of going to the door, she went to the "treat drawer" and pointed. The dog came to get me because she wanted one of these treats!!!

    No...I didn't give her one...that is not the kind of behavior I want to reinforce! :finger:

    It was a little more than a week before the bag ran out and I went back to the store just to get these treats. I almost fell over when she told me that it would be $19.28!!! Mind you...this is for a one pound bag with about 30 pcs in it!

    If you want to spoil your dogs, these are the treat to do it with, mine are addicted...but stay away from them if you don't want to buy crack for your puppies!

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    It's kind of funny what we do for our 4 legged children ... (my cats ... they know just what buttons to push ...;))
    "I just love the smell of Optidirt in the morning.

    Smells like------Victory." -- Uncle Fester :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by GOS_Queen View Post
    It's kind of funny what we do for our 4 legged children ... (my cats ... they know just what buttons to push ...;))
    Ah yes, we have 6 cats. But we control the can opener!! Mwahhahaa!:D
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