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Thread: New Mexico job market

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    New Mexico job market

    I'm a 2nd-year opticianry student in Seattle, WA & planning to move to Albuquerque after I graduate. Anyone out there have any info on the job market there & a ballpark-figure starting wage? (I know NM is not a license state.)

    Would an AAS degree significantly improve employment possibilities in NM?

    Do opticians do CL fitting there?

    Any advice &/or referrals would be appreciated.

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    Check out the local paper online...

    eyevay, I can't offer much in the way of knowledge of NM but I would bet dollars to donuts the local newspaper has an online edition.Check out their classifieds for optical positions, and you should get some ideas there.I would also check into the rules and regs for optometry which may give some insight into the scope of contact lenses.If you won't be graduating until next spring you've got plenty of time.I unserstand its a great place to live.Good luck
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