Optikam Tech Inc. integrates Ocutouch patient education software into Optikam

(MONTREAL, CANADA – October 2007) Optikam Tech Inc., maker of the Optikam eyewear frame selector, is pleased to announce the integration of Ocutouch, a leading patient education solution, further enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Ocutouch is a complete patient education solution, providing exam room quick-animations, consultation room narratives, animated eye anatomy, reception room presentations and a very effective optical dispensary assistant to help Opticians sell various lens options. Optikam’s touch-screen system allows Optometrists to draw on various eye anatomy graphics to assist in patient explanations.

Optikam Basics
Optikam is an innovative touch-screen photo kiosk that allows patients to clearly see themselves comparing up to four frames side-by-side.

Optikam’s ease of use and picture quality are unparalleled. The easy to use interface allows customers to use the system unattended. The user simply touches the screen to start a video session and touches again to take a picture. The pictures can then be saved, emailed or even printed. Frames are displayed in vivid and accurate colors thanks to the high-quality 7 mega-pixel digital camera.

Optikam was designed to be a powerful sales and marketing tool for the eyewear retail market.

Increase your frames sales by eliminating customer hesitations

“I can’t see myself.”
“I’m undecided between two frames.”
“I need to come back with my spouse for a second opinion.”

The Optikam system helps the salesperson counter these objections.
  • Easily compare up to four frames side-by-side on a simple touch-screen kiosk
  • Email pictures to friends or family to get an instant second opinion
  • Quickly bring up customer pictures when the customer comes back

Increase your customer base by enhancing your customers’ shopping experience
Optikam quickly generates the very effective word-of-mouth advertising for your business. Customers will be eager to spread the word to their family and friends about the new and fun shopping experience they’ve just had. You’ll distinguish yourself from your competition, increase your customer base, sell more frames and use less staff time to do it.

Increase your after-sales marketing
Saved customer pictures can be emailed to your clients to remind them of frames that they liked from your store. This subtle marketing is an effective way to get the client back into your store to close the sale. Customers often forward these emails to friend, giving your business more exposure.

Marketing emails can also be sent to all of your customers with the touch of a single button. Marketing emails increase repeat business by getting the customer back in your store. Customers can also print out their picture. Print-outs include your company logo and contact information, effectively replacing a traditional business card.

Increase your in-store advertising
When not being used by a patient, the system can display rich animations, videos and DVDs showcasing products and promotions in your practice. Your system can also be set up to automatically update its advertising from your website. In-store advertising on a flat-panel display brings the eyewear industry at par with popular marketing trends and techniques in other industries.

Increase customer retention
The Optikam system will increase your customer retention. Once your customers are used to the Optikam shopping experience, they will come to expect it when shopping for frames. The Optikam system also retains customers in your store when your sales staff is busy. Customers can use the system while waiting for a salesperson.

Decrease buyer’s remorse
The Optikam system decreases return rates of frames by improving the frame selection process. Customers can more accurately view their new pair of frames on the screen wearing their prescription lenses instead of squinting in front of a mirror. As an added bonus, side-by-side frame selection increases second pair sales dramatically.

Optikam is a stand-alone system. No installation is required. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in and you are ready to provide your business with a competitive edge. For more information, visit www.optikam.com or call 1-888-356-3311.