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Thread: Electronic Medical Records

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    Electronic Medical Records

    I received a postcard from a practice managment software company stating that electronic medical records will be federally mandated by 2012. Is that a certainty now? It seems like a good idea but we have not implemented EMR yet. I'm wondering what others like and do not like about their EMR?

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    Executive Order 13335 was signed by G. W. Bush in 2004 and mandated EMR/EHR by larger organizations by 2014.

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    Electronic Medical Records Mandate?

    I'm not aware of any federal mandate for electronic medical records, although the Bush Administration has encouraged physicians to "go electronic" by 2012. President Bush's executive order doesn't require physicians to implement an electronic medical recordc software system, but it does encourage them to ditch pencil and paper.

    Said another way, the order has little if any teeth, but is very symbolic, and it frees up federal dollars to help physician offices finance an EMR. I hope this is helpful.

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    this is all part of the big package, that will hit in 2012 and the reason every doctor now has to have an NPI number and if its a group another NPI number for the group. NPI means national provider identification, and the idea is that one number will hook that doctor to any and all insurance plans.

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