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Thread: Anyone doing any optical / computer consulting??

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    Post Anyone doing any optical / computer consulting??

    I would like to know if anyone is doing any consulting work in the optical field helping Opticians, Optometrists, or Ophthalmologists setup optical computer programs. Or advising practices on what optical apps to consider.

    I have been an Optician for 30 years & working on PC's for 17 years. I am looking at the viability of doing this type of consulting & assistance in the near future. I am evaluating several optical apps & hope to offer assistance with any of these programs the practice chooses. Also help with setting up networks in offices & dispensaries.

    I was hoping someone else was already doing this sort of thing so I could get a few pointers.

    Any takers??

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    Hello Blinkr,

    If you would like information, since you have blocked email you can email me.

    Would be willing to share any information I can.


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    Blue Jumper IT Computing For Eye Care


    I have been heavily into vision care technolgy since 1997 and would be happy to discuss the issues with you. Another user very good at this is kjw1231. Both him and I were at h-net and left for various reasons. I was the go to guy for technolgy and technolgy business and he was the go to guy for utillizing technolgy for sales and marketing.

    Today, there are many pressures on providers. A good strategy to utilize the available tools can mean a significant difference in profits. It requires making some shrewd decisions and that is where we come in, having been in the front lines.

    Investment wise, for every buck you invest in information technology you have to get two back. Otherwise there is not much point. We can discuss the areas where it is possible to see quick results, and thosw where it takes longer.

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    Zyro? Optical Consulting


    If you have any questions aboiut consulting, I'd be happy to chat with you.

    Zyro, contact me at the E-Mail below.

    E-Mail me at:

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    Wink Contact me please!


    So as not to clog up the OptiBoard's bandwith with this topic, could you post your email address, or contact me at:


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