Bellsouth has started rejecting ALL OptiBoard emails with this false claim:

550 [PERMFAIL] requires valid sender domain {need mx} does have MX records as I tried to point out to them on July 22nd:

Your system is bouncing all emails from because of the false contention that there are no MX records for Look it up. There are MX records:


You can also check here:

Note: is my first line of defense against spam.

Please fix this. If you do not remove these false reports for then I will be forced to not allow customers access to my sites and I would rather not have to be forced into that position. I'm sure they will not be pleased with this either. Thank you.

Best regards,
Steve Machol
OptiBoard, Inc.
They have refused to respond. I believe the only way to get them to fix this is if the OptiBord Bellsouth customers contact them directly. The problem is that I am getting flooded with bounced emails and I can no longer afford to spend time deleting these emails.

If you are a Bellsouth customer, please contact them and ask them to fix this. If this is not fixed soon, then I'm afraid I will have no choice but to ban all bellsouth email addresses.