As I mentioned, everything transfered over to the new server without a hitch. Total time to transfer the board: 20 minutes.

However I'm having a heck of a time getting the domain name server records modifed for the new server. The domain registrar - Network Solutions Inc. - refuses to acknowledge the modifications. Even though I only spent 20 minutes transferring the entire Board last night, I spent over 6 hours (until 3:00am) trying to get the domain modifications completed. And still no luck! :(

What this means for you is that it'ill take more than 72 hours before the domain name is successfully transferred. Until then, you'll continue to see as the OptiBoard domain. However using will continue to work because I've put files on the old server that redirect this to address the new server.

One word of advice - do not use Network Solutions to register your domain names. They are, without a doubt, the absolute worst registrar out there. Instead use, or any one of dozens of other registrars.

Because of the problems with NSI I am switching to another registrar. However this may take 5-10 days to complete, providing that Network Solutions doesn't interfere with the transfer.